...and enjoying sunny Austin.

But catch me in my new capacity here.

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Pack it up and just disappear

It's time to say good-bye to Exit Zero. I've had to say good-bye lately to lots of things I've loved for so long, and start over for real. Finally.


Run, Don't Walk Your Monkey Ass

To your neighborhood movie theater to see BUBBA HO-TEP.

Formulaic? Indeed, but no formula that ever existed in my head:




Okay, friends, bloggers, etc., from what I can tell, everyone who signed up for the T-Shirt Exchange has completed their mission, with the exception of a few stragglers (i.e. ME), and so when I know that everyone who signed up has recieved a SURPRISE! from their postperson I will be sending out your THANK YOU GIFTS as a little post-holiday surprise.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for participating and let's see those pictures!

Child Abuse: Not a laughing matter

Except, however, in this case:

I was such a "fucking little bastard" © Arab Strap. I remember this one time when I was about 7 or 8, (maybe younger, cause it was when AIDS first hit) we were standing in line @ a department store & I saw something I wanted and when my mum refused to buy it I threw myself onto the floor and started screaming "I HAVE AIDS AND I'LL GIVE IT TO EVERYONE HERE!". Instead of giving my tantrum a reaction my mum finished her purchase and escorted me out to the car...where she immediately beat my ass like it was 1999. Too bad there weren't cameras in the parking lots back then...

WANT MORE? Check him out. The friend I have so I can tell others "One of my best friends is a ghey."


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If you are part of the T-Shirt Exchange, please send me your physical addresses again, seeing as how when my hotmail addy went down, I lost all of your information. And you all want to get your thank you cards from me, now DON'T YOU???

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you!!! But, if you can spend half the night on AIM you can take 45 seconds to email me your information.

Strange Things Afoot

So, yesterday, I'm laying in my bed, hungover from some unforgiving 8.5% alcohol BEER from the night before, wishing I had read the label before downing 4 of the bastards right in a row (which led to me singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" at a bar down the road shortly thereafter, but that's a story for another time, kids). So I'm laying there, all alone in Austin, not moving because even a blink was hurting my cranium, and I think to my self "Self, you should go to Atlanta."

So I did.

And I'm in Atlanta as I type. Just a phone call, a plane, and a seriously nervewracking ride on the train later, I made my way to his office. And the look of shock on The Boyfriend's™ face was seriously indescribable and priceless. I'm happy I'm here. I don't know why I did it. But I did.

So, I get to see my boyfriend, and coincidentally, MY BEST DAMN FRIEND HOTDAMN DOYLE, whom I haven't seen in like 7 months.

WHOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I have a feeling I'm going to hear "party like it's 1999" at least once this weekend. I'll keep you updated.

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Damn You Blogger

Had a post, and lost it. Here we go again.

I have some conflicting feelings about the capture of Saddam Hussein. On the one hand, I'm glad he's been caught and can be tried for his crimes. On the other hand, I'm really very curious about the convenient timing of the capture. You can thank Howard Dean for that. That's as political as I'll get on this blog. Check out Cheeks for the real hard-hitting political stuff.

Aaaaaaaanyway, I'm still doing the Job Hunt '03. If you know anyone in Austin, hiring or just looking to give out money, E-MAIL ME.

Kind regards...
Currently reading: The Yarn Girls Giude to Knitting I am dedicated to knitting at least one scarf. I taught myself how to cast on last night. Exciting.

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You Know What, FOOL?

You can talk to me when YOUR BLOG is #66 on Yahoo Search for "I've seen a million faces and I've rocked them all".

Yeah, you heard me.
Left Leaning Libertarian

At least, that's what the POLITICAL COMPASS tells me.

Economic Left/Right: -7.12
Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.08

And, oh yeah, my e-mail addy is working again. Please don't hesitate to write or stalk.
It's still on...like Donkey Kong

Yes, you know the drill. Buy a t-shirt. Mail it to your Secret Pal. You now have 19 days left.

You may be wondering what the hell has happened to me and my posts, comparing it to your sex life (whether that 5 minutes a month is true or not we'll never know). I've been down, friends. Down, but not necessarily out.

First, I had some Science Fiction strain of the flu and was down for about 6 days, and here it is a week later and I've still got cough and congestion. I don't care what the papers say, this shit is from outer space. I seriously thought an alien baby was going to pop out of my stomach with a hat and cane singing "Hello My Baby, Hello My Darlin' ". It was, to say the least, a near death experience.

So then, I got a job. A grassroots organizing job with Texas Campaign for the Environment. A cool outfit, indeed, with savin' on their minds, but when I say grassroots, I mean white chicks with dreadlocks and hemp jewelry all around. So what I did was go out into the community, knock on doors, and ask for money and support. As a responsible and proud adult, that lasted about 2 days. Then, it was time for me to stop taking motivational bullet points from a towheaded 18-year-old hippie chick. And if I had to hear about The Man™ from suburban white kids or sing along with any more impromtu call and response songs aboutThe Man™, I was going to get stabby. So now, I'm back on the street again, pounding the pavement, hoping to get a job with the Austin Children's Museum and do something I'm actually good at that doesn't require any talk about The Man™.

And so now, I'm chillin' around the hood, watching cable and drinking margaritas. What a life. Of course, I'm poor, but I suppose that will work itself out in time. I can't WAIT to send my Secret Pal stuff out. I'M SO EXCITED. I hope you are, too.

I should be hooked up with a new desktop by the end of the month, which means my triumphant return to blog whoredom. Thanks for hangin' and bangin' and believing in me. It's YOU, the little people, that make this irregular blog what it is. Kisses.

Oh yeah, my friend Steve Dollar WROTE A BOOK. AN ENTIRE BOOK. About Jazz. It's called Jazz Guide: New York City. GO BUY IT. He knows more about jazz than you.

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