Hey, guys! I've got PINK EYE!

Or, conjunctivitis, as the whitecoats like to call it. I haven't been to the dr. for it yet, as I just woke up with it this morning, but I'm hoping against hope that it's bacterial rather than viral because it does not require a doctors visit or pharmaceuticals. Note - Using an eyewash sounds like it could be painful or uncomfortable somehow, but really, secretly, don't tell anybody this: It's fun.

I'm tired of winning the Person With The Grossest Disease or Infection Award. Well, maybe winning runner-up after this guy and his bout with that weird skin discoloration "disease". I think the real "disease" here is mostly mental.

Oh, and on a related note, I've realized that my dog and I are so tight that we are now sharing illnesses. I believe it's called 'sympathethic' illness, and it's usually shared between a mother and child. How's that for creepy? She had an eye problem recently herself. And when I was sick with the flu, I caught her throwing up a few times. Crazy, eh? Bigsby is number one.

Currently enjoying:
Allison Moorer "Hey Jezebel"
from the album Miss Fortune Clever title, enit?

Also enjoying:
The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold - A short foray into fiction for me. It's decent reading.

Best Band Name Today: The Bad Livers




[Ed. Note - MY FIRST REAL POST ON MY NEW AND "IMPROVED" BLOG. Thanks for reading.]

I understand that in our capitalist society, some people are going to have more money than I am. MUCH MORE MONEY. I accept this. I know that I have to work 2 suck-all-ass jobs every day of the week and more often than not 12 hours a day and STILL call Mom occasionally to pay the rent on my cracked out hovel [although I've just been informed that Crack House Chic is totally "in" this fall...it's about as chic as this bitch]. But, don't come into my barely above minimum wage job and stick your husband's invitation only BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL CENTURION AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD in my face or you will get slapped on the lips.

And on a semi-related note: Did you know that the minimum wage in the state of Oregon is 40 CENTS higher than what I make here at the bookstore? So, that means that EVERYONE in the state of Oregon makes more money than I do. Every single working person. All of them. I'm shocked and appalled. However, the real cost of living is that you actually have to LIVE THERE. To paraphrase Mr. Matthew K. Enstice, No thanks.

Seriously, though, Oregon must really be a happening place, because apparently Bob and David are so enamored of it that the traveling Mr. Show live stage show made a stop in Portland AND for christ's sake EUGENE! And DID NOT - I repeat DID NOT - come to Atlanta. How's that for a huge SCREW YOU to the town and people who have nurtured and coddled and come to know and love the original comedy nerd David Cross. You can believe I sent him and Dave a very strongly worded letter.

In any case, I've got to get to shelving this infinite stream of pseudo-literary best-sellers.

Currently enjoying:


from the album Tomorrow the Green Grass.

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