Back in black

My grandmother had surgery last Friday to remove her tumors. She had a lumpectomy (which seriously sounds like some "doctor" is just making up procedures by putting "-ectomy" on the end. I like the sound of puppyectomy, but I don't know what that procedure would entail...anyway...), and she had a partial mastectomy. She also had all of her lymph nodes removed and they found out that she still needs more surgery. She'll be back under the knife next Tuesday to get the rest and then they decide if it's chemo or radiation therapy. However, she is in great spirits and feels fine, doing her usual summer yard sale-ing, etc. My mother is there with her now and I am going the first week in July. Please be thinking about her and send some good thoughts. Thanks.

On another note, I have now been at the YMCA for 3 weeks which is why I haven't had a minute to blog. I also started doing some fundraising for The Atlanta Opera, but it sucked because I was getting up at like 5 AM to go work out, getting to the Y at 7 AM and then at the AO from 5-9 and seriously 15 hour days are NOT FUN. At all. So I quit with the opera shit and now it's back to just 10 hour days with the bad ass kids. For real, they call themselves the 8-10 boys RUFF RYDERS. Hilarity.

I have nothing else to really say as I am super-duper hungover from a night at the Yacht.

I'm sorry I've been gone, I miss you all very much and I will return in grand form in the next few days. Thanks for thinking of me.

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